Apr 2008
The Wine Merchant in the Wild West
20 November 2007
I’m taking the air bridge BCN-Murcia, where 218 horses are waiting to bring my visitors, the London Rangers and me to the wild west of Spain: Almería.
We visit the bodega Alto Almanzora that is producing a superb blend of table wine: Este. A table wine it’s only on the label, in the glass it’s a high quality terroir wine.
Este represents the new wine making in Spain. Well taken care and trimmed vineyards up to 1000 m above sea level, intelligent irrigation systems, ultimate technology and the Allier French oak. The best of all this meticulously put together makes the Este red, rosé and white.
For me this is the wine of the sun. Wine that shows why Spain doesn’t belong to the new World but combines traditional with contemporary wine making.
In a wine region nobody heard of, Este proudly represents how promising Spain is in today’s international wine scene.
Parker 89 points, forget Parker, for sale at 8 $ a bottle, forget money, the new wave of Spanish wines, forget new wave, this wine is the ultimate expression of what an excellent wine maker (Modesto Pou) can do with an extraordinary terroir in an ancient country where wine was made by the Phoenicians.